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Viewing, reposing & wake

The family decides where the viewing/reposing/wake will take place. Family members may choose to have a combination of a private viewing/reposing/wake at home and a public viewing/reposing/wake in our funeral home. 

Hogan's Funeral home is located in the heart of Tralee town. Hogan's Funeral Home has two viewing rooms:  The Rose Room and The Fuschia Room.  Each room is bright, spacious, ary and tranquil.  The Funeral Home, just recently renovated provides a serene and calming space.  Each viewing room can be set up in a way to accommodate unique needs of families.

At Hogan's Funeral Home we are aware that families now have a diverse and more personalised set of ideas on how they wish to celebrate a funeral.  Being able to deliver a tailor-made service is at the centre of what people can expect from us.  We encourage family members to bring personal and treasured items that may belong to their loved one for display during viewing in our funeral home.

The Family Room

Hogan's Funeral Home also has a Family Room available for all family members and close friends.  Here families and friends can enjoy complimentary refreshments. 

Hogan's has a private car park at the rear of the building for over 20 cars for family members and friends.

Our funeral home is available to families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our funeral home is available to families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.